【Sep.10 add】IMPORTANT:Initial Rewards for “Cookin’ Burger” Open β Version

How the rewards are earned in Cookin’ Burger (open β version)

In Cookin’ Burger, special customers called “VIP customers” and “Super VIP customers” will visit the shop at a certain frequency during the game play. By fulfilling the orders of these “VIP Customers” and “Super VIP Customers” correctly, you can earn DEP. You can also increase the rewards you earn by performing well in the game and improving your shop’s reputation.

Note: Distribution of DEP earned in the game to the user’s wallet will take place once a month on a “Payday”.

Please note that the estimated DEP earned in the game will not be reflected in your wallet on a daily basis.

First Season: Mon. August 15, 11:00 (UTC+8)— Mon. September 12, 11:00 (UTC+8), 2022 
⇒ Payday*: Mon. September 19, 2022.

Second Season: Mon. September 12, 11:00 (UTC+8)— Mon. October 10, 11:00 (UTC+8), 2022
⇒ Payday*: Mon. October 17, 2022.

*Payday may vary.
*Sep.10 postscript : Some dates were incorrect and have been corrected.

DEP reward amount for Cookin’ Burger (open β version)

The amount of DEP that can be earned in Cookin’ Burger varies depending on the rarity of the shop NFT used. The following is the estimated DEP reward for each rarity of shop NFTs for the first two months after the launch.

【Estimated DEP rewards for each rarity】

-Food cart (secondhand) : 0.8 DEP to 1.7 DEP/day

-Food cart (economy) : 10.4 DEP to 20.8 DEP/day

-Food cart (deluxe) : 56.7 DEP to 100.8 DEP/day

-Food Truck (secondhand) : 125 DEP to 200 DEP/day

-Food Truck (economy) : 225 DEP to 400 DEP/day

-Food Truck (deluxe) : 500 DEP to 1,000 DEP/day

During the following period, the above rewards will be approximately quadrupled as “Happy Week”.

【Happy Week Period】

Mon, August 29, 11:00 (UTC+8) — Mon. September 12, 11:00 (UTC+8), 2022

Mon. September 26, 11:00 (UTC+8) — Mon. October 10, 11:00 (UTC+8), 2022

-The amount of DEP that can be earned depends on the user’s play skill, so the above amount is only a rough estimate of what can be earned.
-After the official launch, new features will be implemented in the game and the amount of rewards that can be earned may change. We will announce the revision of the reward as it becomes available.
-Please note that the amount of rewards may be adjusted or revised periodically.

About the aging of the shop NFTs

Shop NFTs in Cookin’ Burger have an inherent “aging factor” and will become unusable when the number of gameplay reaches a certain level. (NFTs that have become unusable can be restored by meeting certain conditions.)
However, there is no aging during the open beta stage as a bonus period.

About the Scholarship Feature

In Cookin’ Burger, you can use the scholarship function to lend or borrow shop NFTs.

To use the scholarship function, the owner of the NFT must enter the PlayMining ID of the borrower (scholar) and the scholar must enter the PlayMining ID of the lender (owner) in the game (similar to JobTribes).

All rewards earned through the scholarship will be distributed to the owner’s wallet, so please distribute the rewards according to your own arrangements.

Please note: The DEA and the Cookin’ Burger management team are not involved in any way or responsible for the matching of scholars and owners or the exchange of rewards between them.

About the launch of the official version

Cookin’ Burger is scheduled to be launched as an official version with a “ranking function” in the future. In the official version, players will be able to earn ranking rewards based on their rankings and various other additional features will be implemented.Detailed updated information, including ranking specifications, will be announced at a later date.Click here to purchase Cookin’ Burger’s Shop NFTs.

・PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/)For more information on Cookin’ Burger, click here.
・Special website (https://www.cookinburger.com/)
・Twitter (https://twitter.com/PlayMining_SG)
・Discord (https://discord.com/invite/UcEAuyZGCV)