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Shop-NFT will be available for pre-sale!
A chance to be one of the first to get ready to open a shop!Become a shop owner and stand out from your rivals!

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"Cookin' Burger" now on sale at PlayMining NFT.


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What's Cookin’ Burger?

"Cookin' Burger" is a multi-tasking action game where you play the role of a burger shop worker, taking orders from different types of customers and serveing them accurately and quickly in order to build your shop's reputation.

The game simulates the management of a burger shop, which is familiar to people around the world. Despite its simple gameplay, the game requires players to learn the preferences of customers and to think about a more efficient cooking process, just as if they were running an actual shop.

  • You can become a shop owner by buying Shop-NFT. There are various grades in shops from inexpensive food stalls with simple cooking processes, to large shops that are expensive and challenging to run but offer great return potentials. You can upgrade to a shop that suits your level of expertise.

  • Shop-NFT has a parameter called "Reputation". By remembering customers' orders and preferences and serving them quickly, the number of regular customers increases, which in turn will increase repeat rate and leads to higher sales and reputation.
    On the other hand, by repeating mistakes in serving, poor grilling or failing to serve within the time limit, the shop's reputation will decline.

    In addition, each time you play the game, a parameter called "Endurance Value" will decrease, and when it reaches zero, you will no longer be able to play the game.

  • NFT owners can hire part-time workers (scholars) to play the game for them. When the part-time workers (Scholars) improve their skills to handle more orders from customers and make the business more successful, they can be recruited on better terms by other shops.