• Q.What is the"Cookin’ Burger"?

    ”Cookin’ Burger” is a multitasking action game, which is serving dishes quicklly and correctly as a burgershop staff from the a various customers.
    The concept is "Play to Earn" linked to crypto assets.

    You can experience a simulated hamburger store management, which is popular with around the world.
    While the game seems simple, you are required to the actual store management skills which is to learn the customers' preferences or consider the efficient cooking order.

  • Q.How can I make money by playing a game?

    In the game, you will obtain items that can be converted into DEAPcoin, a type of crypto asset.
    DEAPcoin can also be converted into other crypto assets and legal tender (such as US dollars) via an exchange, so you will find more opportunities to make money the more you play.

  • Q.Please tell me how to make a wallet.


  • Q.Is it free to play?

    The game itself is free to play. However, in order to purchase NFT, which grants a variety of in-game benefits, a transaction using the crypto asset DEAPcoin will be required. Note that any communication, connection, or other such fees shall also be borne by the customer.

    There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
    1: Play the game *DEP will be rewarded when you clear certain conditions.
    2: Purchase on the external crypto exchanges.
    3. Purchase at PlayMining NFT with a credit card.

  • Q.Is the game age-restricted?

    The game itself is not age-restricted.
    However, crypto asset exchanges may independently set age restrictions on crypto asset transactions.

  • Q.What are the game's system requirements?

    System Requirements:
    [iOS] iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11 or later.
    [Android] Android 5.0 or newer Recommended
    Browsers: Chrome, Safari Connection
    Speed: at least 10Mbps (both iOS and Android require a minimum 2GB of memory)
    *We do not guarantee the functionality of the above browsers and devices. May not function correctly due to factors such as network connection, browser version, device specifications, and/or usage of the app.

  • Q.When I close the browser, reload the page, or close the tab or window I have the game open in, my game data disappears.

    If you are using your browser's secret mode, your game progress will not be saved.
    Please ensure that you are not using this mode while playing JobTribes.

  • Q.Game will close due to instability.

    You may be using a browser other than the recommended browser.
    Please use Chrome or safari.


  • Q.What is blockchain?

    It is a type of technology that is used to manage transaction data for crypto assets.

  • Q.What is PlayMining?

    It is a platform for creating a new economy and culture based on the principle of "play to earn", through the use of games and other entertainment mediums. It is centered around PlayMining NFT, where NFT transactions are conducted using the crypto asset DEAPcoin.

  • Q.What is DEAPcoin?

    It is a crypto asset used in PlayMining NFT for NFT transactions.

    There are three ways to obtain DEAPcoin:
    1. Play the game *DEP will be rewarded when you clear certain conditions.
    2. Purchase on the external crypto exchanges.
    3. Purchase at PlayMining NFT with a credit card.

  • Q.What does PlayMining NFT mean?

    It is where NFT transactions using the crypto asset DEAPcoin take place.

  • Q.What is Player Lv.?

    When you play the game, you will acquire"EXP", then "EXP" reaches a certain value, the "Player Lv."goes up.
    Depends on "Player Lv.", you can open more stores with Part-time Staff.

  • Q.What is Energy ?

    Playing the game consumes "Energy".
    "Energy" required for one game will be[12].
    "Energy" will be restored once every [24] minutes, and the upper limit will be [30].

  • Q.What is BurgerCoin ?

    You can earn "BurgerCoins" for providing customer orders in the game.
    "BurgerCoins" are used to open the store with ith Part-time Staff, or level up "Cookware Lv.", purchase "Items".

  • Q.What does Next DEAPcoin mean?

    "DEAPcoin" which you earned during the season will be accumulated once in the "Next DEAPcoin".
    Accumulated "Next DEAPcoin" will be credited to your "DEAPcoin" at the end of the season, and "Next DEAPcoin" will be reset at the start of the new season.

  • Q.What does Chef's rank mean?

    For providing customer orders, or maiking the burgers in the same order as the recipe in the game, you acquire "Chef's rank point".
    When a certain value is reached, the "Chef's rank" goes up.
    However "Chef's rank point" will decrease depending on what you play, and if it falls below a certain value, your "Chef's rank" will drop.

    The "Chef's rank" are the following ranks.
    There is a maximum "Chef's rank" depending on the category of store you are playing.

    .A Full-fledged Chef
    .1 Star
    .2 Stars:Truck/Secondhand
    .3 Stars:Truck/Economy
    .Master Chef: Truck/Deluxe

  • Q.What does Chef's rank point measn?

    The following table shows the addition and subtraction of "Chef's rank point" .

    ■Addition points
    -Served the Food Very Quickly:The number of Speed bonus
    -Made the Burger in Perfect Step:The number of Perfect bonus
    -Maximum Combo
    -Served the Food to All Customers

    ■Subtraction points
    -Threw the Ingredient in the Trash.
    -The Customer has Left

  • Q.What is Store ?

    The store will be used for games.
    There are "Categories" of stores, and the "Number of Visitors" , "Time limit," and "Recipes" vary depending on the store categories .
    There are also "Japanese" "Western" and "Chinese" tastes, each of which has its own "Recipes".

  • Q.What does Reputation Score mean?

    For providing customer orders, or maiking the burgers in the same order as the recipe in the game, you acquire "Reputation Score point".
    When a certain value is reached, the "Reputation Score point" goes up.

    However "Reputation Score poin" will decrease depending on what you play, and if it falls below a certain value, your "Reputation Score" will drop.

    The "Number of Visitors" and the "content of orders" increase in accordance with the "Reputation Score".

  • Q.What is Reputation Score point ?

    The following table shows the addition and subtraction of "Reputation Score point" .

    ■Addition points
    -Served the Food Very Quickly:The number of Speed bonus
    -Made the Burger in Perfect Step:The number of Perfect bonus
    -Maximum Combo
    -Served the Food to All Customers

    ■Subtraction points
    -Threw the Ingredient in the Trash
    -The Customer has Left

  • Q.What is Recipe?

    Each Store has its own "Recipe" and you can cook a menu of "recipes" opened in the game.
    Also, "Recipes" can be opened by "Reputation Score point".

  • Q.What does Cookware Lv. mean?

    There are four types of "Cookware Lv." for each restaurant: "Grill Lv," "Fryer Lv," "Juicer Lv," and "Dessert Lv." Cooking speed increases according to the "Cookware Lv.”.
    "Cookware Lv."can be raised by using "BurgerCoin" from "Store Management".
    The maximum "Cookware Lv." is limited to "Lv.

  • Q.What is Part-time Staff?

    The store for the player who do not own the NFT store.
    In the "Part-time Staffs”store, you will be abale to play the game in various stores by releasing stores other than the initially released "Cart/Secondhand" .
    To open stores, a certain amount of "Player Lv" and "BurgerCoin" are required.
    In addition, "Part-time Staff" stores cannot increase their "Facility Lv".

  • Q.What is Repair Rank?

    Repairing the durability value of store NFTs increases the repair value and the ""repair rank"".
    The ""Repair Rank"" varies depending on the type of store NFT."


  • Q.What are the requirements to complete the game?

    The game is cleared when all customer orders are served within the time limit.
    If the time limit expires, you will receive "BurgerCoin" and "Score" up to that point.

  • Q.What is ”Speed bonus”?

    "speed bonus" is awarded for serving all dishes within the order time.
    The faster you serve the food, the more "Speed Bonus" you will receive, and you can aim for higher scores.

  • Q.What is ”Perfect bonus”?

    When the burger is made according to the recipe, "Perfect Bonus" will be awarded.

  • Q.What is ”Combo bonus”?

    "Combo Bonus" is generated by continuing to serve food within a short period of time. While the "Combo Bonus" is in effect, players can aim for a higher score by accumulating combos.
    The "Combo Bonus" has a time limit, and the "Combo Bonus" will be reset when the word "COMBO" disappears.
    The more combos you have, the shorter the time limit for combos, so the key to a high score is to make good use of the "tray" to maintain the "Combo Bonus".

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • Q.What is ”BurgerCoin(Tip)”?

    After completing a customer's order, the customer leaves with tips (="BurgerCoin").
    By tapping ”BurgerCoin” you receive it and can call a new customer.

  • Q.Who is "VIP" and "Super VIP" ?

    During the game, there is a low probability that a "VIP" or "Super VIP" will visit your store.
    By processing the orders of these "VIPs" and "Super VIPs", "BurgerCoin" and "DEAPcoin" will be placed.
    When a "VIP" or "Super VIP" comes to your store, be careful not to send him or her home.

  • Q.What is ”Trash Can”?

    If you burn food cooked on the "grill" or "fryer," or if you make a mistake cooking a burger and want to start over, you can throw away the food by taking it to the "trash can" located in the lower left corner.

    However, the number of times you throw away ingredients in the "trash can" will negatively affect your "Chef's rank" and "Reputation Score" so be careful not to lose any food.


  • Q.What is ”Scholarship” function?

    By lending your NFTs to a "Scholar" (another player), you can earn DEAPcoin obtained by the "Scholar".
    The Scholarship function will only provide the ability to lend and borrow "Stores" as NFT and consolidate the DEAPcoin obtained by Scholar under Owner.

    The "Cookin' Burger" management team will not be involved in the exchange of rewards between the "Owner" and "Scholar". Please do so at your own risk.

  • Q.What does ”Owner” mean?

    A player who lends NFTs is called an "Owner".
    The "Owner" can also make "Scholarshipagreements" with as many NFTs as she/he owns.
    However, only one "Scholarship" is allowed for the same "ScoLar", and multiple "Scholarship" are not allowed.

  • Q.What does ”Scalar” mean?

    A player who borrows an NFT from an "Owner" is called a "Scholar.
    A "Scholarship" can only be entered into with one "Owner".
    If a new "Scholarship" is to be made, the current "Scholarship" must be terminated.

  • Q.What happens to the items and DEAPcheck which earned in-game when using Scholarship?

    All items earned in-game, except DEAPcoin, will be sent to Scholar's gift box as usual and can be earned as is.
    However, all DEAPcoin earned in-game during the Scholar period will be sent to the Owner.
    The DEAPcoins sent to the Owner will include those obtained through tips and other means.

  • Q.How to terminate Scholarship?

    There is a button for cancellation is provided in"To the Owner Screen" > "The Scalars List" > "Details"


  • Q.What is a PlayMining ID?

    It is an ID required to use services provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
    Currently, it is used for PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/) and Cookin' Burger.

  • Q.What does Register mean?

    Register refers to the acquisition of a PlayMining ID.
    An e-mail address is all that is required to acquire a PlayMining ID.
    On the PlayMining NFT "Sign-up" page, please agree to the Terms of Use and enter your email address. After receiving a one-time code in your mailbox, please enter the code and register your password to complete your registration.

  • Q.What does Log In mean?

    In order to continue playing with the "Cookin' Burger" data stored on the server, you are required to log in.
    To log in from a logged out state, please enter your email address to obtain a one-time code. Login will be completed by entering the one-time code and the password.
    *When you log in, you will be transferred from Cookin' Burger to PlayMining NFT.

  • Q.I can't Log In.

    Please make sure that you have entered the registered email address correctly.
    Also, please confirm that you have entered the correct one-time code from the email and that your password is accurate.

  • Q.Even though I've registered my PlayMining ID, the game starts from language select.

    If you've already registered a PlayMining ID and it still prompts you to select a language, select Log In by tapping the Support button at the bottom-left of the title screen when the game starts, and input your e-mail address. Starting the game by using the link in the e-mail you receive will enable you to continue playing.

  • Q.I can't find an NFT I own the NFT for.

    it may not be possible to obtain NFT information during maintenance of PlayMining NFT.
    Please check the operating status of PlayMining NFT and wait until the maintenance is completed.

  • Q.Opening the game in multiple tabs.

    When registering a PlayMining ID or logging in using a URL, the game will open in a tab separate from the one you were using before.
    As long as the tabs are in the same browser, you can still play the game.
    However, your browser may become unstable with multiple tabs open, so please close any unnecessary tabs while playing.

  • Q.About Data Transfers

    As this is a browser game, you can continue playing your game on any device simply by logging in with your PlayMining ID. We recommend linking your PlayMining ID to avoid losing data when clearing the cache.

  • Q.Terms of Use

    Please click on the link below to read the Terms of Use for this work.

  • Q.Privacy Policy

    You can access the Privacy Policy for this game via the link below.

  • Q.Contact Us

    If this FAQ does not resolve your issue, please contact us via the e-mail address below.
    Please be aware that we cannot respond to questions regarding game strategy.