Notice: End of Maintenance

Thank you for playing Cookin' Burger.

The following maintenance work has been completed on time.
Please clear your browser cache before playing the game.

▼Maintenance Period
Monday, March 20 10:00-13:00 (SGT)

・Tutorial has been implemented.
-The tutorial can be played when you are new to the game.

【Gameplay Function/Play】
・During the gameplay, when you tap the "?" icon located in the bottom right corner to display the menu, the in-game time will pause.

・The function to improve the cookwares has been implemented.
-By using DEAPcoin or BurgerCoin, you can improve the cookwares in your shop.
-The cooking speed of the cookwares will increase as they are improved.

・A dialog box to confirm the ranking has been implemented.
-The dialogue will inform you of your results if you or your scholar participated in the event at the end of the ranking.

・Modifications to the ranking reward screen
-The ranking rewards screen has been modified to make it easier to check the content.

・The total DEP to be earned during the season has been added.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

Thank you for your continued support for "Cookin' Burger".